Pre-K > 8th Grade

Money in Our World
Save, Share, Spend – We present simple lessons on: types of money; needs vs. wants; setting savings goals. Kids can even create and decorate their very own savings bank.

The Balancing Act – Learn the importance of keeping track of money received and spent, opening a savings account, setting goals and budgeting.

Money in Literature
Money Stories – Instructors read a story with a financial theme then facilitate discussions and activities to reinforce the main ideas of each story.

Money in Math
Money Math – Sharpen money math skills using real-world scenarios and activities such as: coin counting, making change and budgeting.

Watch Your Money Grow – Discover the advantages of saving early. This lesson reviews percent math and introduces simple interest and compound interest.

Money in Economics
Be Your Own Boss – Budding entrepreneurs will learn about goods/services and producers/consumers by working in groups and managing their very own business.

Biz Kid$
Biz Kid$ is a fun, fast-paced public television series where kids teach kids about money and business. Interactive games and exercises accompanying each episode reinforce the importance of saving, budgeting, investing and giving back to the community. Episode examples: How Do You Get Money, How To Achieve Your Financial Goals, How To Be A Smart Consumer and Budgeting Basics.

Consumer Beware!
Learn to evaluate advertisements, make smart shopping decisions, calculate sale discounts and create a shopping budget. Group activities include creating and presenting an advertisement for a product targeted at youth.

All classes correspond to education standards in one or more subject areas.